Earlier this month, CNBC shared news surrounding the use of closed circuit television cameras, previously used for security purposes, which are now helping retailers learn about consumer shopping habits.


While data like a customers path in a store may not seem like useful information, retailers large and small are now finding that using cameras to track shopper habits, may not only help prevent product loss, but can teach businesses how to sell more product. Information gathered from cameras can tell retailers how much time was spent looking at a display, what item a customer reached for first, or what displays they completely passed. Details like this teach retailers what is important to the consumer, and thieves as well.


For retailers who are already leveraging their closed circuit cameras, sources from the CNBC article stated that retailers taking advantage of their “eye in the sky” have already seen sales results from the behavioral data they’ve collected.

“Brick-and-mortar retailers have an opportunity to adopt the same kind of analytics that have been used by their e-commerce brethren for more than a decade to understand things like how many people are coming into stores, what products they engage with and ultimately how all that turns into sales at the register.”, stated Tim Callan, chief marketing officer at RetailNext, who contributed to the article.


Aside from the consumer analytics, for those in the loss prevention side of retail, being able to track shopping habits, may prevent the growth of “booster” groups from bagging large quantities of items from displays. Having the ability to not only track an individual, but understand what products are most desirable to them, allows in store loss prevention personnel and uniformed security guards the opportunity to prevent theft, and secure merchandise for honest consumers.


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