As universities and secondary schools across the country are welcoming new students, many school districts and university boards are still reviewing their security and emergency procedures. While heightened security in schools has become more of a standard than a trend, many districts are finding it difficult to allocate budgets, and increase the much-needed security of their schools. Thankfully, the Department of Homeland Security has decided to award grant funding, as well as planning and training opportunities to schools that need the help.


The Department of Homeland Security hosts information on their website which provides information, resources, and application information for government program assistance and tools to help schools keep their institutions safe. Below are some of the popular links to DHS(Department of Homeland Security) resources:


The Emergency Planning Guide for School Leaders:


FEMA’s Homeland Security Grant Program: Designed to give schools access to planning programs, purchasing equipment, and other supplies to help increase a schools readiness for emergencies.


The Safe Schools Initiative: Starting in 2002 the Secret Service began collecting information to help safeguard against acts of school violence, particularly, school shootings.


Each of the above links is designed for school administration to access helpful information in preparation/ to protect against matters of violence, hazardous conditions, and natural disasters.

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