New York Investigative and Intelligence Gathering Services

Garrison Security, servicing the Tri-State area, is dedicated to providing our clients with investigative and intelligence gathering services of the highest caliber. Contact Garrison Security for help in your investigations.

In addition to interviews, interrogations, and litigation support, our network of trained specialists and partners can uncover vital information through a myriad of investigative functions including financial and systems reviews, surveillance, and use of our state of the art computer systems. Garrison Security Investigative Services will provide you with the quality investigation and intelligence gathering service you deserve.

Investigation Services offered by Garrison Security include:

  • Corporate Investigations include employee misconduct, employee background checks, electronic evidence gathering.
  • Domestic Investigations make up a majority of investigation services to help you avoid fraud, renter background checks, criminal activity and more.
  • Asset Investigations is a nationwide investigation to determine if you are owed any money, locate personal property or real estate and to help uncover any financial assets.
  • Background Investigations is the process of looking up and compiling criminal records, corporate records, and financial records of any individual or organization.
  • Locate Investigations is the process of locating a missing person and providing you with the most up-to-date information to you.
  • Workers Compensations Fraud investigates and determines whether an individual is committing fraud to gain money from a false insurance claim or other corporate or government claim.
  • Undercover Operations is the process of avoiding detection by observing, and disguising one’s own identity.
  • Litigation Support is the process of providing consultation and support services to attorneys and other legal professionals in regard to current and pending cases.

Call Garrison Security at 1-800-884-2225 to get started on your investigation or intelligence gathering project.