Summertime in the New York Metro Area, means an influx of visitors from across the country, and around the world. Whether at the beach, a concert, or vacationing, the masses are looking for a chance to relax, and enjoy time with their friends and family. Unfortunately as the masses gather, the probability of theft, and other malicious acts heightens.  As a leader in providing Event Security, Investigation, and Uniformed Security Officers, the GPS team offers tips from our security specialists on staying safe during summer events, vacations, and daily activities.


Leaving on Vacation: For home security, GPS suggests using a timer to turn lights on and off if you and your family are expecting to be away from home for a few days. Using lighting timers and notifying your neighbors of your absence may prevent your home from looking vacant, and lessen the opportunity for a home invasion or burglary.


Going to Events: Concerts, Festivals, and any parking lot filled with unattended cars gives looters the access to hundreds of vehicles with the opportunity to break in and take personal belongings. GPS suggests cleaning your car before your tip of any unwanted items that may appear of value, and always securing valuables in the trunk if they must be left in the vehicle.


Removing items from sight, even items of clothing, blankets, or trash lessens the risk of a thief having reason to enter your vehicle.


While at the Beach, Park, or Street Fair: As leaders in the special event security space, the team at GPS has experience keeping attendee’s safe at events. To make sure you and your family have a safe and enjoyable experience, GPS recommends carrying money and valuables in a small, easily concealed pouch, or front pants pocket where pickpockets are least likely to access your personal items. Additionally, setting up a meeting place with your family in case of separation during an emergency may help family members get together quickly should an emergency occur.


As experienced uniformed security guards and event security specialists, our team has encountered varying levels of security emergencies and work diligently to keep clients, and event attendees safe and comfortable. Our extensive training techniques qualify our team to handle a variety of services from: bag searches, crowd control, and lost and found to VIP escorts, emergency evacuation, and command center operations. For more information on Garrison Protective Services expertise contact their office at  1800-844-2225